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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Election 2008: Race Baiting Report, Yeah we know it's only June.

But it's already begun. Terrorist fist pounds, conservative radio hosts, t-shirts, buttons and more. Closet racists are tearing their hair out at the prospect of a black man in the white house and we here at Dartmouth Observer, soon to be known as "Going Down With Style" are going to be compiling a record of race baiting this campaign season. As of June 18th, here are some unfortunate things I've observed.

May 13th-Curioser and Curioser. Perhaps the Obama campaign should rethink their chances of wining Georgia in light of this story. Marietta bar owner Mike Norman thought it'd be an absolute gas to create a t-shirt with Curious George and underneath it write, "Obama '08"

May 25th,
On Faux News (surprise) Contributor Liz Trotta first "confuses" Obama with Osama, so 2006, and then hopes that both of them could be killed. Here's the link

June 6th,
Terrorist Fist Jab Heard Round the World-Now fired Faux News anchor E.D. Hill referred to the non-issue of Barack and Michelle's cute love-pound as a "terrorist fist jab." What's even more ridiculous is the subsequent segment that agonizes over what the pound "means." More evidence that the media knows nothing about black people, or the last thirty years in pop-cultural history.

June 12th
, Harris Texas-Local TV station KHOU reports on the sudden appearance of a racist placard displayed on the front lawn of a local man which read "NIGGER President, Bullshit!".
The man, a white senior citizen, attempted to play the sign off as a harmless prank. We look forward to more rambunctious revelry from this old scamp, a cross burning perhaps?

June 12th, Ruper Idaho-Perhaps in solidarity with listeners in Harris Texas, local radio talk show host Zeb Bell and guest referred to Senator Obama as "the black negroid Barack Hussein Obama." Fully exercising their constitutional right to idiocy, Bell's guests also described Obama's caucasaoid mother as "trailer trash" with a "fixation on black men." Personally I'm offended by the racism and that there are still Americans who have been taught the "seperate origins" theories of evolution, what's next referring to Bill Richardson as the Latinoid? Will this station's coverage of the Beijing Olympics make frequent references to Mongoloid? Stay tuned!

June 13 Fox News-Baby Mama Drama! Clearly feeling that Zeb Bell was stealing their thunder, Faux News segment producers thought it'd be "hip" to refer to Michelle Obama, longtime wife of a senator, mother of Obama's only children as his "Baby Mama." I was stunned, you were stunned. David Duke was all, "whoa, back off their Faux News."

June 13, MSNBC-You say Exotic, I say, why the hell is anyone paying Pat Buchanan to be on television? Perhaps in an attempt to counteract their perceived Obama love-fest MSNBC continues to allow Pat Buchanan to speak on the air. The result? Buchanan calling Obama "too exotic" for white middle Americans and then going on an unintelligble rant that caused his fellow commentators to only shake their heads in confusion. We concur, but our confusion comes from MSNBC deciding to give Pat Buchanan air time in the first place.

Whoo, exhausting. And's only June.