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Sunday, June 11, 2006
Yes, I'm still alive

Military service is over, and so too is my last ever holiday before working life begins. I've just returned from the latter in England, and am seriously jetlagged at the moment. Oh, and the World Cup is on too.

I see that John, less than one year into graduate school, is as prolix as ever. I almost understand him this time -- although I am still figuring out what his last two paragraphs are up to. This plain student of history yearns for examples to demonstrate the soundness of "the performance of the questioning thereby creates the questioner, the audience, and the response"; and "Questions are interesting because they force us into a paradoxically private yet interpersonal (universal democratic) space which is one of the few spaces where truly human, free, and equal persons can be said to exist."

Dartmouth's valedictorian

Robert Butts '06, former contributor to this august website, is the 2006 valedictorian. Congratulations Rob! (I should also mention that Rob is a member of Alpha Theta, to which the 2004 valedictorian, John, and myself also belonged.)