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Wednesday, June 04, 2008
In addition to reporting that Obama is creeping towards 300 polled electoral votes, electoral has an interesting take on the historic nature of Obama's nomination compared to Hillary.

Here's a link to their handy dandy website
"Either way it would have been historic, of course, but seen objectively, there is more prejudice against blacks than against women, so having a black nominee is a bigger breakthrough in a sense than a female nominee. While women haven't made it to the very top, they are well represented one level down: there are 16 women senators and 8 women governors. One state (Washington) has a female governor and two female senators and two others (California and Maine) are represented in the Senate by two women. There is one black senator and one elected black governor (David Paterson of NY inherited the job when Gov. Spitzer resigned). However, polls have shown that for some people race is still a hot-button issue and for others gender is, but for far more, being too old is a disqualifier."

On principle, I'm loathe to engage in my oppression is greater than yours contests. They inevitably lead to people belittling the experience of others. However I agree with these folks "objective" standard of comparison.