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Monday, May 26, 2008
Speaking for Me

Usually, I can only speak for myself, but lately I'm finding a lot of other people who speak for me.

On TaylorMarsh.Com
I am 29 year old female serving in the United States Army. I am black. I am proud. And I am a supporter of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

To attempt to destroy the reputation, the name of the former First Lady and Senator by falsely portraying her supporters as racist is one of the worst mistakes of the 2008 election process. To use the the history and the struggles in the black community to destroy another person's political career is the worst form of politics imaginable.

The media is slowly destroying the black community with their words. MSNBC should fire Keith Olbermann and let him return to being a radio sportscaster. They are ripping the Democratic Party apart and they are dividing this nation. Any sane, reasonable and coherent person can see that the cries of "racism" are their attempts to get Senator Clinton to leave this race. By any means necessary. Therefore any sane, reasonable and coherent person watching this debacle is going to resent what is happening, because anyone can see that Senator Clinton is being railroaded.

African Americans are not in any way stupid. If we believed that there was this level of racial discourse as these pundits make it out to be we would be marching on Washington D.C. But now we can only watch in horror as the media destroys our history. The only ones who are "outraged" are those who have no idea of true racial hatred.

How many black civil rights leaders have you seen in the media, on NBC, MSNBC, and CNN, that have stated that the former President and First Lady are racists? None. But we should believe analysts such as David Gergen, commentators such as Keith Olbermann and reporter Andrea Mitchell who get on television and tell you so? On 27 April, "Meet the Press" NBC reporter Andrea Mitchell boldly stated that racism was a "real factor" in the Obama vote on the ground in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Apparently because many voters are racist they have a "willingness to believe totally erroneous things about Senator Obama," like he didn't put his hand over his heart during the Pledge of Allegiance. So my next question is, where is the evidence for the "I vote for Senator Clinton and I am racist who clings to my gun and bible" scientific poll to determine who is racist or who is not? So the next time the Obama campaign gives you talking points make sure you understand what you're reading and saying before you open your mouth and say it.

For those of you who don't know, there is a movement happening behind the scenes and it's one that is moving fast and one that is strong. It was born from watching this historic election with our nation having its first viable female contender for the position of Commander in Chief take hit after hit, day after day, while she attempts to fight for the heart and soul of the Democratic Party, when the party in question will not stand up and fight for her.

It was born from watching the little girls with big dreams, and those that are already living the American dream. It came from the mothers who can barely make ends meet and do without just so their families can barely get by. It's from the blue collar workers who just lost their jobs. It was born from the heroes and sheroes deploying to the same place year after year with no end in sight. It came from the ones who want to give up, but find a way to keep on going. It started from the ones who have been constantly knocked down, but keep getting back on their feet. It came from those moving forward that never look back...

The 2008 primary and general election is historic for many reasons. It's the chance of having either the first female or black president. But the most important aspect and notable accomplishment for me will be the official date, the official time, the exact moment the Democratic Party died for me.

The party I thought I knew ceased to exist the moment, the minute and the second they allowed the first most qualified female presidential candidate in our nation's history to be attacked, destroyed, and ripped apart, which reached a tipping point this weekend. As of 24 May 2008 0930hrs, I no longer belong to the Democratic Party. I will no longer be affiliated with any group or group(s), person or person(s), that would allow a party member to be falsely accused of allegations that bears no relevance or has no relationship to the situation at hand. I will not be part of a party that utilizes character assassination to achieve a goal. I will not quietly sit by and watch the destruction of my chosen candidate. I will not support, vote, or show any loyalty to those who sit quietly aside and allow this to be played out in the court of public opinion. The Party I once knew I know no longer. Today I turn my back on the Democratic Party, because by allowing the falsehoods against Hillary Clinton to be embellished as they have the Democratic Party has turned its back on me.

From A Little Night Musing:
I don't always agree with [Big Tent Democrat] on everything, but he understands very well the alienation a lot of us have felt and that there is a need to do something about it.

I started out long ago torn between supporting Clinton and supporting Obama, and as must be obvious from my comments at [TalkLeft] I've come to feel more and more difficulty facing the prospect of Obama being the nominee, based entirely on his comments and actions and the comments and actions of those acting on his behalf (that is, putting aside the blog commenters). This is a problem that I've said repeatedly he's got to own. He and his campaign have made a few little feints toward reconciling with me and voters who feel as I do recently, but it's way too little and way too late and comments like the one about MI/FL being something Clinton stirred up just go to undermining it.

Being a woman and a long-time voter (voted as an 18-year-old in the first Presidential election in which it was legal to do so) and activist (against wars from Viet Nam on, and on poverty issues) the feeling I've gotten from Obama and his campaign (and again, ignoring the bloggers and commenters for a moment) is that I'm part of a failed past along with Hillary and Bill Clinton and should just silently go off to retirement and let him and his Unity Pony (including Republicans!!!) take things over. I'm exaggerating a little, but not much. And that, frankly, makes me angry. I've been working hard to make this country a better place all my life for me and my community, and now I'm being treated as irrelevant by the candidate who claims to represent change and hope.

This is "only" a question of tone, but it's a big one. Why should reaching across the aisle to Republicans be more important than reaching out to people like me?

Obama could still do something about this, but only if he realizes what a problem it is and that it's not just going to go away, and certainly not with a few little tepid attempts at outreach. And "guilting" me into supporting him will definitely not work and will only increase my sense of alienation.

I don't know that I want Clinton to be VP - I'd much rather see her at the top of the ticket, or as Senate Majority leader - but it may be the only meaningful move he could make at this point. It would also need to be clear that this is a unity ticket in every sense of the word, that Clinton would have a strong voice in the administration as well. (The idea that she becomes somehow irrelevant to national politics if she doesn't get the nomination, after having run a campaign that kept it so squeaky-close, is one I find bizarre.)

Sorry this is so long. I guess a lot had been building up and it just kind of boiled over this morning.
From Big Tent Democrat:

There is now a great divide in the Democratic Party - there is an Obama Wing and Clinton Wing - divided equally in votes in the contests. Despite claims to the contrary by the Obama News Network (NBC) and Obama blogs, the split is almost precisely even. This has been the closest nomination race ever. And in key swing states, it can be strongly argued that the Clinton Wing is significantly larger. The question the Democratic Party and its likely nominee must ask is this - do you want to win without Clinton Democrats and do you think you CAN win without Clinton Democrats?

Me, I do not want to take any unneccessary risks regarding winning the Presidency in November. It seems there is a whole class of pundits, Democrats and Obama supporters who really really despise the Clinton sooo much that they are willing to risk the Presidency to drive the Clintons out of the Party.

Oh they will couch their arguments in terms of baggage and Bill Clinton (as if the only two term Democratic President of the last 50 years would somehow be a problem for a Democratic campaign, it is mind boggling). But what they want is the Clinton Wing of the Democratic Party gone - dead and buried.

They despise the Clintons so much, they seem willing to risk the Presidency to destroy them. I find this attitude simply irresponsible. Just as I despise those Clinton supporters who say they won't vote for Obama, I equally despise those Obama supporters who would rather destroy the Clintons than win the Presidency.

From Brookhaven:
[It's like Alice in Wonderland.] Up is down, backward is forward, crazy is sane and so on...

One of the things that this country has got to be careful of is the mob mentality which has been in swing since Obama won in Iowa and which is now at a fever pitch this mob mentality. And, the mob has been yelling and sreaming for HRC to GET OUT! And, the mob mentality voices are drowning out the rational voices and will march us all over the cliff of insanity if this doesn't stop.

HRC stays in this race because she's earned it just as he has although I know some will refute that about him. Mostly because of his winning so many caucuses and how he was awarded more delegates in those caucuses (the most undemocratic system) which represented a paucity of popular votes compared to HRC who was awarded fewer delegates but won a huge amount in the popular vote. And, then, HRC won less delegates than Obama in a State like Texas although she won there. That is Alice in Wonderland to the ne plus ultra if ever there was a ne plus ultra. Is it any wonder why so many of us are angry and disillusioned and add to that the horrific behavior from many quarters towards HRC and her supporters. I'll never forget that. Never.

In the 2000 POTUS GE in Florida, democracy took a sucker punch to the guts and was weakened considerably and has yet to recover since it continued to get sucker punched over the last seven years including during these primaries. The Forth Estate was supposed to act like the forth branch of the gov, the real watchdog over abuse of power, etc. The Forth Estate is now mostly an outhouse because most have now become threats to our democracy as they have become open advocates of one candidate over another. Who is their watchdog but us?

How do we boot them out? By not buying their newspapaers, tuning into their broadcasts (Keith Olbermann is sick and for him to actually believe he's Murrow is evidence of just how mentally unhinged this man is), not clicking on their blogs, etc.

These cheap, malicious, seriously mental and woefully overpaid morons have been largely responsible for the rancid, toxic political atmosphere because of their morbid hatred of everything Clinton especially HRC.

What she has endured from these parasites and what she has endured from her own party and the crowned Elmer Gantry, Obama and many of his supporters on blogs and on the stump has been unseemly and herculian in it's scope. And, she's come out on the stronger end of it all. She's more than survived she's thrived and become a great candidate whose voice speaks for so many of us and whose voice is so eloquent and scary smart. She's got what it takes to be the leader of the free world and she is the only one now who can lead us out of the serious mess we're in, domestically and internationally. She's the only one.

I'm a woman and her being a woman is the ribbon on top. I'm not voting for her because she is a woman but because she is the most qualified person running in decades to be POTUS and I believe she will be one of the great President's. And, this is a statistical tie between her and Obama and she shouldn't stop. To stop now and throw that away and in this most precarious time in our history is not only foolhardy but a tragedy for our country and the world. And, she loves her country and is running for POTUS because she has the better ideas and wants to make it better for us. It's not for the power alone. And, with due respect, that is how I feel about Obama based upon his quick rise to the "top". That he has no basic principles, will go with the wind, or changing wind and wants power for power sake and not to use his power for the good of us.

HRC stays in and fights as she has been doing and I'm there to support her all the way into the convention if need be. And, historically she will not be setting a precedent. The only reason she is being treated differently with all the catcalls and whining babies yelling and nipping at her to leave the contest is because she's not got a Y chromosome and most of us know it.

The rampant sexism thrown at her and us as women and the men who have been offended by it, will come back to haunt this country as the world is watching us very closely and how she has been treated. Some in the British press have already commented on this. And, the DNC sat back and still sits back and says not a word. They will pay for this silence.

Some have said that the high percentage of HRC's supporters who said they won't vote for Obama in Nov should HRC not win the Dem nom will come back into the fold as they have before. These pundits and the DNC and Obama supporters who are the reasonable ones (and have not behaved like the mob did) who are calling for unity and think there will be a coming together are wrong. This Democratic Party schism is very different and more bone deep from what happened in the last two elections. And I'm afraid the vast majority who said (possibly in the heat of the moment) that they wouldn't vote for Obama (not because they are racists which has been the red herring and shamelessly has been played up more than it deserved while the sexist hits kept on hitting)will not vote for him in Nov should he be the nominee.

What happened here goes way beyond hurt feelings and licking wounds. Way beyond.

One thing that would go a long way in healing that political schism is for Obama to agree to have the votes in Florida and Michigan, the popular votes and delegate counts stand as is before he and his chorus in the media (old and new) and in the DNC once again declare him the winner. Count the votes before June 3rd or on June 3rd.

Be that as it may, I remember like someone just hit me with an anvil, I remember the night of the Nov 2000 election thinking Gore had won and then it was taken away from him like bad magic. And, then the horrific weeks that followed and the GOP clean-cut thugs banging on the doors where people were counting votes. That image is apoxied to my brain.

And, then we got Bush 2. Never again. And, the DNC should be now be ashamed for what they did to Florida and Michigan but especially Florida because they too should have had in the back of their collective heads "never again" will our Dem voters be disenfranchised because we are not the GOP. We stand for all votes being counted. Kind of hits them in their arses now doesn't it? But, I'll give them a chance to regroup and think right and on May 31st to at long last decide to count all the votes as is, votes that were State certified as legitimate and true.

It's ironic that the May 31st vote comes a little less than one week after the HBO film "Recount" airs tonight. I hope the DNC and all parties involved in this and all of us who care deeply about our country and the fate of democracy in our country watch this film and remember what happened and what the GOP did to the Dems. And, now it could happen once again this time Dem on Dem. I can't imagine they will let it go that far. And, if they do, they will have lost much more than many, many core Dems. Much, much more.