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Friday, April 04, 2008
What Clinton Supporters Need to Hear From Obama (Supporters) and the Media

1. Who is Barack Obama?

We heard the beginnings of this in his "historic" speech on race and in his musings that he is a blank space upon which people project. But we need to know about the man's character, his tactics, and his team.

2. What has he said?

What are the speeches that Barack Obama has given? How consistent (and "new politics") is his method? Sen. Obama likes to give non-straight answers.

3. What has he done?

We need to know more about Sen. Obama's record. This is distinct from his biography. We need to know what kind of political change, in his years in elected office, he can point to as a record of what he might do as president.

4. What does he plan to do?

Besides Iraq, and now the economy, I want to hear more ab0ut Obama's comprehensive vision.

Any more major lingering questions?