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Wednesday, February 06, 2008
Immediate Reactions to the State of the Democratic Race

As any reader of this blog knows, I am a Clinton fan. I've been behind her for years and am excited by the progress that she has made as a candidate and a politician. As a political and registered independent, I've been proud to support her campaign.

When the Democratic race first started, I was excited that as long as John Edwards, Chris Dodd, or Joe Biden did not win, I would be happy no matter who took the nomination. This feeling of satisfaction continued even when the race effectively narrowed to Senators Obama and Clinton over the summer.

Recently, however, I've stopped feeling the Obama-love. I've always liked Clinton more on substance but watching the "feeling" that some affluent (and oftentimes jaded) liberals get from Obama has made me proud of his candidacy. Occasionally, when listening to his speeches, I've even felt moved. When the feeling wears off, I find myself irritated that his supporters don't demand more. Change is so very non-specific.

Part of my objection is that, in a nutshell, we're being asked to take it on faith that Obama will know what he's doing when he gets into the White House. (The irony that the Democracy may answer years of chafing under Bush with another young, ambitious (arrogant) male who wants to "learn on the job" strikes me as ironic and tragic.) It also makes me a little nervous.

This is probably why I am annoyed with the video, which has a lot to do with my revulsion at America's culture of celebrity.