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Sunday, August 20, 2006
Abandon your Posts, All Hope Is Lost

The good, if sometimes misguided, folks over at the National Review Online's Corner have appropiately captured Andrew Sullivan's latest excesses.

This from Jonah Goldberg is good...:

A Jonah fan writes: Jonah,

Please, I'd love to hear your take on "Conspiracy Week" over at Andrew Sullivan's site. Heck, even the good professor gave it a shout-out yesterday, and with your vacation reducing your blog output and generally bringing down the entertainment factor of the Corner, I think it would be a great Friday present if you would do so.

I know, I know—easy target and all. And I'm guessing you're probably tired of being called "Christianist theocratic Bush-Cheney dupe", but how can you pass up Andrew's insane conspiracy mongering? His whole "not my opinion, I'm just throwing it out there, expanding upon it, and not offering countering opinions—but its not my opinion" routine, followed by the classic "sycophantic e-mail of the day" that lauds Mr. Sulivan for his intelligence, independence, or principles—and sometimes all three at the same time. It has truly been a tour de force this week, and with you gone I feel like I have missed something.

[Jonah]: I don't know what this guy is talking about. I have a moratorium going on. But I'm just throwing the above out there.

... but is not as good as John Podhertz's:
Who Will Speak Truth to Power now that Andrew Sullivan has gone on vacation? Who will uncover the amazing plot that Cheney and Rumsfeld actually consciously planned a failure in Iraq? Who will argue that there was no British terror plot? Who will use the word "waterboarding" in place of the word "the"? Who will publish long e-mails of tribute to Andrew Sullivan for his bravery and courage? Who?


My sentiments exactly.