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Sunday, August 27, 2006
Blogging the New Testament

Well, fall, and all its worries, are coming. I don't know how much policy-oriented stuff I'll be able to generate in that time, but I'll try to do it as I am moved. Meanwhile, to supplement the output of this blog, what I am thinking of doing is the New Testament version of what Slate has going on with its blogging the Bible project. The idea is a lay reader like myself goes through the New Testament chapter by chapter and blogs my reactions and thoughts on what is going on in the text. It's a bit of an irreverent gesture as things that seem unreasonable or weird I will have to comment on as such.

From Matthew to Revelation, as long as it's takes, for at least once a week is what I plan on doing. I'll be using my Bible that I received as a high school graduation achievement, along with my diploma, which also has my notes in it. At some point I may by the MacArthur Study bible for his commentary to comment on that as well. The point is, however, for this lay person to really get to the text and read it as itself. Religious theorizing may occur, but it will primarily be about the actions and activities of the persons as they are depicted in the text and received by me.

Moreover, since, starting in September, I am commuting 4 to 5 days a week to campus, I'll have plenty of time to read the Bible.

EDIT: I'll start in Genesis and Matthew, working forward in both traditions, due to popular request.