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Thursday, December 01, 2005
This Day, The Day of My Birth

I am proud to have been born on this day, which is also World AIDS Day. AIDS is, perhaps, the greatest threat to peace in our time. gives us the details:
Today is World AIDS day. More than 20 million have died worldwide and some 40 million are living with HIV/AIDS. The scale of the devastation is so immense that it’s difficult to comprehend. This disease continues to affect people of color disproportionally. In the US, there may be 1.2 million affected. 43% are black, 35% white, and 20% Hispanic. Globally, 26 million of the 40 million are from Africa. In some countries like South Africa, it is estimated that 20% of the adult population is affected.

In this holiday season, consider contributing to causes on the front line of this battle. Consider directly assisting families affected, whether they be in the US or abroad. In Zimbabwe a few years ago, I met a teacher who was supporting her 3 nieces who were orphaned when both parents died of AIDS. My few hundred dollars sent periodically via Western Union (arrival 15 minutes) literally paid for all their school fees, books and uniforms. One less video game system for my kids meant literacy and hope for this family.