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Sunday, November 13, 2005
The Reading List

Alright, this is the reading list from now until January 2. Let's see how many of these I can finish before I have to start thinking about, in a concrete and systematic way, what I am going to write my MA thesis on.


Enrique Dussel, Beyond Philosophy: Ethics, History, Marxism, and Liberation Theology
Jose Marti, Jose Mart Reader
Gina Barreca, Babes in BoylandStephen Brooks, Producing Security
Marc Sageman, Understanding Terror Networks
Howard Ball and Phillip Cooper, Of Power and Right
Noelle McAfee, Habermas, Kristeva, and Citizenship
bell hooks, All About Love
Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, Racism without Racists
Emmanuel Eze, Achieving our Humanity
Ellen Meiksins Wood, Empire of Capital
Page Smith, The Rise of Industrial America

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude
George R. R. Martin, Feast of Crows

These books are in no particular order, and, there is an asymmetry between fiction and non-fiction. This partly has to do with my reading interests--I prefer non-fiction--and partly has to do with a lack of recommendations concerning good fiction that I might read. Though since only three of the books on this list have a direct relation to international relations literature, the other texts are bonus knowledge representing a pool of information that may not be directly shared by others who share my interests. My excuse for the fiction is: (1) Solitude is a classic and was purchased for me last year so I should read it, and (2) Feast is the most recent book in a series that some friends and I are reading together.