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Sunday, June 26, 2005
Me, rapacious by nature?

Chris Bateman of the Little Green Blog has a (provocatively-titled) piece on blogs in the Free Press's Commencement issue. While rather unkind to Joe Malchow, he does compliment this blog for having "provided thoughtful center-right commentary for years now." Thanks for that, Chris -- although I'm not sure that I "revel in colonizing" and consider myself "rapacious by nature"! (I can't speak for John here. He has mentioned wanting to be President, after all. Do a DND search for him to see what I mean.) The blog was also a quite different (and more rumbustious) place in its earlier years, when others of a more liberal stripe blogged more frequently, and when I perhaps held certain opinions rather more strongly than I do now. Dartobserver might change even further in the future once John returns from his lengthy hiatus and starts graduate school at Chicago.