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Sunday, March 13, 2005
Power Line on Ackerman

Power Line calls for Dartmouth alums to "Annoy Ackerman -- elect Robinson and Zywicki."

It ain't just Ackerman whom they'll be annoying if they get elected, believe me!

But seriously now, this really isn't a terribly sound reason for electing them. In fact, I can imagine circumstances in which annoying the faculty may not be a good thing at all. Sure, press for changes that may go against faculty sentiment if you believe them necessary. But ultimately, I think it's far better for everyone with a stake in Dartmouth that there be a modus vivendi between the faculty and the trustees, not mutual hostility.

Also, in that same post, The Big Trunk calls Robinson and Zywicki "insurgents" ("insurgent candidacies" was the exact term he used). Can we please stop using this term? The petition candidates are not terrorists, and I'm hugely surprised that conservatives, who are usually the first to point out bad examples of moral equivalence, are implicitly making such comparisons.