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Monday, January 31, 2005
Zywicki for Trustee

Todd Zywicki '88, whom I mentioned a few posts ago, has decided to run as an independent petition candidate for the Dartmouth Board of Trustees. You can read his post on Volokh here announcing his decision to run. Further details can be found on his website, including a petition to have his name included in the March ballot. Dartlog and Joe Malchow both support his candidacy, and so do I. He's young, intelligent, moderately libertarian, and an academic. The last seems fairly important. The current board comprises exclusively businessmen. How very strange that an educational institution whose chief business is learning should have no academics among its trustees. Zywicki's election could go some way towards bridging the divides between the faculty and the board, and I think -- given the antipathy demonstrated towards T. J. Rodgers some while back -- that's a good thing.


Roger L. Simon's a Dartmouth graduate? Wow. Didn't know that. (Class of 1964, by the way.)

Update 2

The Hoover Institution's Peter Robinson '79 (who blogs at The Corner) also hopes to join in the race. You can check out his newly-minted campaign website here. Also, Robinson hosts the superb tv show Uncommon Knowledge, which you can view online.