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Thursday, September 30, 2004
Choices? You call these choices? or You've Got to be Kidding, Right?

Well, I should be doing work right now but I have band practice in a few minutes so I decided to procrastinate and read the news. Occasionally I read op.eds to remind myself why I skip to the international news section of the paper or read the BBC; our choice in the election is, and never has been, as clear as we have like to pretend. I do desperately miss the sweet blissful days of ignorance when I could have opinions without apology and casually dismissed which ever party I didn't like. The loss of naiveté breads nuance and now every time I turn around, I want to slap any one of candidates at any given time on any given issue. Sullivan perhaps summed up my position best: "The notion that the vote this year is obvious does indeed understate the complexity of the decision. Resolve versus indecision? Or incompetence versus a new path?"

However, in the course of two years (of watching the two year dominance of the GOP on the hill), I've swung from genuinely curious to genuinely afraid that the GOP was losing any hopes of liberalizing and forgetting its tenuous, and silly, alliance with social conservatives. The Democratic primaries frightened me with megalomaniacs like Dean running against confused protectionists like , but I did have options as I was able to cast my vote for Kucinich. (It boggles my mind the idea that anyone would have supported these persons at anytime.) Two weeks ago, due to lack of paying attention really, I fervently was a Kerry-supporter, and, having been asked about my domestic political leanings by some 08s and attempting to talk some Republican supporters out of voting for Bush-Cheney 04, I decided to due some research on Kerry-Edwards. This research has not only led to a much less fervent support of Mr.. Kerry, but the most intense bout of political/personal depression since the aftermath of election 2000 and the decision in 2003 to invade Iraq. How could both major political parties of the US be committed to its destruction through an awful combination of naiveté, ignorance, and wrong ideas? Unfortunately, ladies and gentlemen, we have to wait 16 years before the Dartmouth takeover of Washington will commence.