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Saturday, May 01, 2004
This is NOT a Dartobserver endorsement

It's that time of the Dartmouth year again: that's right, elections for the Student Assembly are around the corner. Running for SA President is one James Baehr '05, who seems like a decent chap, except that I can't understand -- for the life of me -- why he'd go to such extraordinary lengths to publicize his campaign. Not content with debating his fellow candidates and postering his mug everywhere, Baehr's established his own website, which, while not as spiffy as or, allows you to watch a homemade campaign video of him wandering the streets of LA seeking opinions from the man on the street. There's also a page full of endorsements by everyone from the President of the College Republicans to the President of the College Democrats to Larry James.

Does this all strike you as a bit...excessive? I mean, a campaign video? A website (with broken links)? It's only the Dartmouth College Student Assembly Presidency at stake, for goodness sake, not the American Presidency or even a Dartmouth Trusteeship. Perhaps I'm just cynical about politics at all levels.

Or maybe Baehr really cares.