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Tuesday, April 13, 2004
The New Criterion should hire this guy

When not dining on raw tuna, Iranian caviar, Danish bacon and fine wines or collecting nuclear weapons, Kim Jong-Il opines on the arts and culture. Yes, North Korea's Dear Leader has published books: On the Art of Cinema and On the Art of Opera. (He's also written something called Our Socialism Centered on the Masses Shall Not Perish, but that's political and boring.) Quoth the man:

The cinema is now one of the main objects on which efforts should be concentrated in order to conduct the revolution in art and literature. The cinema occupies an important place in the overall development of art and literature. As such it is a powerful ideological weapon for the revolution and construction. Therefore, concentrating efforts on the cinema, making breakthroughs and following up success in all areas of art and literature is the basic principle that we must adhere to in revolutionizing art and literature.
Impressive, if I may say so myself. As one Amazon reviewer puts it, "The Dear Leader blesses us with his lean prose, so joyous after decades of Western decadence. If the price of his criticism is to be counted in the millions of Korean dead, then so be it." (Thanks to Eugene Volokh for the link to Steve Sachs's piece.)