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Tuesday, April 13, 2004
Do we really need this?

Does Dartmouth need a Center for the Advancement of Learning? According to the news release, the center will "coordinate programs and fellowships enabling faculty to develop new pedagogies, especially in digital technology and new media. It will also orient new faculty to Dartmouth's teaching environment, which encourages close teacher-student relationships and a hands-on, discovery-based approach to exchanging knowledge." Gifts come by way of Gordon W. Russell '55 and R. Stephen Cheheyl '67. Professor Thomas Luxon, thanks chiefly, I suspect, to his (excellent) Milton Reading Room, will become the inaugural Cheheyl Professor in July.

In all my time here, most of the good classes I've had were those that did not rely on "new pedagogies" in "digital technology and new media." My favorite class here in fact featured a professor who didn't have Blitz or any other form of email, and who lamented having a mechanical pencil because he couldn't sharpen them using the wall sharpeners in Reed Hall.