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Saturday, April 03, 2004
Christian Totalitarianism

It's not a contradiction in terms: check out Liberty University's Reprimands and Consequences page. Students at LU can get punished for "Immorality," "Deception," "Improper personal conduct (anything beyond hand-holding)," and "Improper social behavior." And you thought "offensiveness" was ambiguous.

There are actually some serious points to be made about these ridiculous laws. Why are they needed at all if the students who apply there are already so pious and well-behaved? And, as a learned friend of mine pointed out, Martin Luther (LU is a Lutheran college) in fact stated that God's kingdom on earth would not require such rules. I'll find the exact quotation if I can.

Update: Larry Scholer informs me that LU is Southern Baptist - Jerry Falwell's university - not Lutheran. My bad.