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Tuesday, April 20, 2004
The blogosphere and research

In his review of Princeton professor Peter Singer's book, The President of Good and Evil: Taking George W. Bush Seriously, Michael Lind, after panning the book, says that "The sloppiness of such thinking is matched by the incoherence of the book, which appears to have been hastily spliced together rather than written. Singer seems to have read little of the voluminous material on the history of the modern American conservative movement and Republican Party. Apart from newspaper/magazine articles, many of his sources are anti-Bush blogs, including one with the scholarly name of Like a number of other recent books, The President of Good and Evil provides troubling evidence that the bad habits of the blogosphere are corrupting the world of print discourse. As in a blog, caches of documentary material are dumped between rambling riffs of opinion." Thoughts? I'm running off to class now.