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Tuesday, February 24, 2004
At least he's only a freshman

Luis-Alejandro Dinnella-Borrego '07 piece in the recent Dartmouth Free Press is a spectacularly bad piece of prose. It doesn't say anything substantive except, 'We must fight for injustice, dammit.' No details (okay, the ghettos of Patterson, NJ, are mentioned), no argument, just assertions and cliches. Consider the following:

I am a student and I am a man. But what is that worth, if people are dying overseas?

I don't want to see this misery and suffering anymore.

I have my convictions, my principles, my ideas; and I will remain true to them, until all cease to suffer — until this country is truly free and equal.

We have a duty and a responsibility toward our fellow human beings and we must come to their aid.

The future — our future, everyone’s future — hangs in the balance.
Contrast his piece to Sarah Ayres's article on Feminists for Life in the same issue. She addresses specific points and writes concisely. I may not agree with her on some issues (and I'm not a pro-life absolutist by any means), but I learned from what she had to say.