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Thursday, December 18, 2003
Kramer on Saddam

That infamous picture of Rumsfeld shaking Saddam's hand is bound to surface sooner or later, and will probably be accompanied by claims that "Saddam is America's creation, ergo America is responsible for Saddam's crimes, ergo America has to be tried alongside Saddam." An incorrect judgment, argues Martin Kramer in his latest Sandstorm entry (complete with said picture). Concludes Kramer:

The decision that left Saddam in power in 1991 was a monumental failure, and one that history has already judged severely. But at least credit those who did organize an expedition and an armada in 2003, and who did their duty despite the criticism of feckless "allies" and the absence of "international legitimacy." Some of those who launched this expedition were party to the previous mistake and the earlier failure. By their actions this year, they have balanced the book - and then some.

And if we want to blame other nations for "creating" Saddam, why not indict the French and the Russians as well? Daniel Drezner raised this point some time ago.