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Tuesday, December 09, 2003
FrontPage 1-2

Two great pieces on FrontPage Magazine today: the first, which David Horowitz calls "the most disturbing that we at have ever published," concerns Republican Grover Norquist's involvement, via his own Islamic Institute, with radical Islamism. The expose comes from Frank Gaffney, a former Reagan defense official, and it can (and should) be read here.

The second is a FrontPage symposium on the anti-war movement, featuring Greg Yardley, Michelle Goldberg, John Fonte, and Pat Caddell. Particularly interesting is Fonte's idea of "post-Americanism" (sounds a lot like post-modernism): citizenship "based not on individual rights but on group rights, not on the American Constitution but an international law and transnational law." Is this a challenge to Fukuyama's thesis? Is it desirable (Fonte doesn't think so, of course)? I'll let the IR/Political Theory people take it away...