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Tuesday, December 16, 2003
Ben Richards, Andrew Sullivan, and Free Dartmouth

Andrew Sullivan has nominated this post on Free Dartmouth for a Galloway Award (for "the most strained and mealy-mouthed statements from the devastated press and anti-war politicians and activists following the capture of Saddam"). Emmett Hogan on Dartlog was responsible for notifying Sullivan about Richards - who, if you search the DND, does not appear to exist. The closest match is a "Matthew B. Richards '05," whose middle name does not appear to be Ben.

Some additional points: 1) "Ben Richards," at this point, has not followed up to his original post, nor has he said anything in the Comments. 2) A quick Google search reveals one previous Free Dartmouth post by "Ben Richards," the subject of which is Jonathan Chait's Bush-hating. "Richards" titles his post "Jonathan Chait speaks the truth!"

Free Dartmouth administrators should identify this guy as quickly as possible: NOT because of what he said, but simply because it's not a good idea to have on your blog someone whom no one knows, who may not even be a Dartmouth student or alum, or who may be using a nom de plume.