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Tuesday, October 28, 2003
Brought Tears To My Eyes I was quite sad upon reading this article, and not only because they disagreed with me (I am able to tolerate wrong opinions), but because it is so very unnecessarily slanderous.

"Janice Brown is a Jim Crow-era judge, in natural blackface." (And re our ealier conversation, in case anyone was wondering about the disposition of conservatives: "Janice Brown is mean, too – vicious, even. Angered that all of her court colleagues disagreed with her opinion on a particular case, she raged that high school students were capable of better legal research.")

It saddens me that these sorts of things still happen. Hatch had it right on the money when he observed: "But Justice Brown faces a second hurdle beyond the abortion litmus test that all nominees face. She is a conservative African-American woman, and for some that alone disqualifies her nomination to the D.C. Circuit, widely considered a stepping stone to the United States Supreme Court. Now, I want to make clear that I am not referring to any of my colleagues here on the Committee. But let me show you what I AM talking about – an example of how low Justice Brown’s attackers will sink to smear a qualified African-American jurist who doesn’t parrot their ideology."