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Saturday, April 12, 2003

Another one from Chris Hitchens. When not talking about Kissinger (or religion for that matter), truly a wonderful mind:
"So I'm glad to extend the hand of friendship to my former antagonists and to begin the long healing process. Perhaps one might start by meeting another of their demands and lifting the sanctions? Now the inspectors are well and truly in, there's no further need for an embargo. I noticed that Kofi Annan this week announced that the Iraqi people should be the ones to decide their own government and future. I don't mind that he never said this before: It's enough that he says it now."

"The next mass mobilization called by International ANSWER and the stop-the-war coalition is only a few days away. I already have my calendar ringed for the date. This time, I am really going to be there. It is not a time to keep silent. Let our voices be heard. All of this has been done in my name, and I feel like bearing witness."

During the war, I mainly tried to keep a low profile. I stated my preferences in the beginning in a post called 'And so it begins.' My hope for a quick war seems to be in the making. The war itself has not been bloodless, though no important major figure expected that it would be. I am happy to see the relatively small American casualties and injuries compared to what we expected with the invasion of Baghdad (sp?). We cannot say the same for the Iraqi military, though being in the military does mean that we can, unfortunately, place a lower value on their loss. One expects soldiers to die. Civilian casualities have also been a low number. These are all very good. Now the Aussies, Brits and Americans must deal with bringing some order to chaos, and decided if France, Germany, and the UN will have a role in the postwar reconstruction. Let us also hope that this is not merely the beginning of a series of short wars: against Syria et al. We also need to decide where the Kurds are going to fit in the picture because Turkey doesn't want an empowered Kurdish province. The delicate balancing act will be handled by the foreign policy wonks: Dr. Rice, Gen. Powell, Dr. Cheney and PWs) Paul Wolfowitz...

The Financial Times documents that last resistance.