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Friday, April 04, 2003
An Iraqi Hero

From Jed Babin's war diary on National Review Online:


"I know, I know. It's hard to believe, but the guy who risked his life to save Jessica Lynch is a lawyer. The textbook spec ops raid on the 'hospital' where PFC Lynch was being held would not have happened if a brave Iraqi lawyer named Mohammed hadn't given us the word. Described as a 'gregarious 32-year old lawyer', Mohammed was in that hospital visiting his wife, a nurse, when he saw Lynch through a window in the room where she lay under a blanket, being beaten by one of the black-clad Iraqi 'elite' troops. Mohammed walked six miles before he found some Marines. Approaching them carefully, he told them what he knew.

"While Mohammed's information was digested and turned into the plan for the raid, he went back. Twice in the day that followed, Mohammed went back to the hospital, and back to the Marines to tell them what he saw. The rest you know. Mohammed and his family are now being kept safe at a refugee center. We owe him more, much more. If the new Iraqi government is looking for Supreme Court justices, I have a nominee to suggest. We should honor him as well. For that bravery, he should be made an honorary Marine. Good on 'ya, Mohammed."