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Friday, April 04, 2003
If You gave me cyanide, I would drink it....

The Review and the Free Press are back out. I was elated to receive a personal copy of the Free Press handed to me while I was visitng in the River. From preliminary sweeps over both, I am happy to report that Messrs. Ramsay and Gorsche run a much tighter ship than the previous editor. The new office looks wonderful, still litered with volumes of books that I haven't read. And the Free Press keeps on rolling: it's hard to stop a moving train.

Much more commentary as I continue to encounter ideas issued. I am sure that someone, somewhere will say something silly that should be deprogrammed. Like this statement from CW: "I make the case for invading (and democratizing) Iraq for several reasons: humanitarian, geopolitical, and economic." Come on CW, you know democracy can't be spread by force. The game's up old chap.