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Wednesday, April 23, 2003
Games and War, Cont'd

Germany has banned the display or advertisement of the popular PC game Command & Conquer: Generals within that country. Stores may not advertise the game or even display the box openly; games must be kept under the counter and can be sold only to adults who request them by name. The government's rationale for the restrictions is that Generals portrays realistic violence and presents "war as the only option."

Well, a heck of a lot of games portray realistic violence and present war not only as the only option, but the coolest option, and almost none have received such treatment in Germany. What is worth noting is that Generals contains a Baghdad level, which seems like the real reason that it's sale has been restricted. (The level and game were designed well before the current war in Iraq.) I guess that when Germany said they would have no part in fighting in Iraq, they really meant it.