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Monday, March 10, 2003
What's My Motivation?

I would like to make some technical clarifications for Laura.

1. The first is this: while Laura often did bring up issues of gender on the Observer, she was not alone. Just the other day ChienWen and Christian Hummel engaged in debates about the new Women's Studies prof. I beleive that CW often opined on the subject of gender-- and academia. In fact I believe that CW often talks about academia and all its revelant aspects. Hopefully, he will post his comments, regarding the latest article on Women's Studies in the Free Press, on the Observer.

2. As CW prefers the academy and its contents, so do I prefer justice (a system of distribution) and political philosophy (a system of governance). All issues regarding these, including *gasp* race, are covered in my broad sweep. I generally try to limit my comments to deprogramming the buzzwords and buzzphrases that often obfuscate clarity in these discussions, casting away the shroud of lies such that the light of truth can pour forth purifying essence. (How's that for excessive prose at 430 am?) I would offer that my commentary relates more to my interests as a scholar persuing conceptions of justice, a philosophy of right and corrolary philosophy of the good and less to my 'racial status.' I would hope that the melanin levels in my skin doesn't have the deep effect that Laura suggests that it does; otherwise, were the levels to change, I would loose my current thoughts for another worldview.

3. Am I not moderate? I have searched the face of the gods for ways to appeal to the 'progressives.' Yet I always come off as someone who is not moderate. (For my sake, I would prefer a definition of the term and reasons why I don't fit the definition.)