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Wednesday, March 05, 2003
From Christian Hummel on Dartlog:


DARTMOUTH HIRES New Asian American Studies Professor LAURA LIU

I am happy to report that I just received official notice that LAURA LIU has just been hired as a joint tenure track professor in the Geography Department and Women's and Gender Studies Program.

Laura is finishing her Ph.D. from Rutgers University where she has been studying labor organizing in New York City's Chinatowns.

I am confident that Laura will be a wonderful addition to our academic community. I would publicly like to thank the search committee (particularly the Co-Chairs, Susan Ackerman and Mona Domosh) for all of their hard work in bringing such a strong candidate to Dartmouth during the faculty search. I would also like to thank Morna Ha '04 for her involvement in promoting Asian American studies and communicating student's expanding academic interests at Dartmouth.

It is an exciting day for the entire Dartmouth community! Please join me in this celebration.


Nora Yasumura
Assistant Dean of Student Life
Advisor to Asian and Asian American Students


See here, here, here, and especially here. Unlike Mr. Hummel, who assumes, a priori, that the appointment will prove to be a bad one, I believe we should give Prof. Liu the benefit of the doubt. Nora Yasumura, on the other hand...but that's another story.