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Wednesday, January 22, 2003
Nominee 2003

Noam Chomsky award nominee: "The people who created this petition and affixed their names to it are intelligent -- I refuse to believe otherwise -- so neither of the reasons I have mentioned can be correct. Let me reduce the statement of the petition to what it boils down to: "We support the people of Israel against the people of Palestine." "-- John Timmer '06

I'm nominated the paragraph below (posted by ChienWen) for the Judith Bulter award for the most pretentious prose.

UPDATE: Some confusion has ensued. I nominated the paragraph quoted by ChienWen in his 'stupid people are everywhere' for the Judith Butler award. Timmer was nominated because, without even the veneer of intelligence, he proceeded to interpet the petition wholly inconsistent with the intent of the writers and most of the signers. Not only did he use at best specious logic to assert his position, he maintained that this was the only reasonable interpetation of the petition.