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Thursday, January 16, 2003
I wanted you to consider Robeson and Feffer. It is the central episode in the conservative resistance to the secular canonization of the former. As for McWhorter, I read the first few chapters of "Losing the Race." I would not consider him as articulate or as sober a thinker as Shelby Steele, but I give him credit for disregarding the dictates of political correctness as to what American black academics can say. The presence of his voice at Berkeley of all places bodes well for the growth of meaningful political dialogue uninhibited by racialist hysteria on American campuses. He has dedicated his professional academic career to the study of African Americans and black languages, and so should have a certain level of reputational immunity to the all too predictable and reprehensibly reflexive dismissal as sellout, Uncle Tom, or, as Jesse Jackson would put it, "strange fruit."