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Friday, January 31, 2003
Europe Divided

It seems that Europe is ambivalent about the use of American power. The old Europe, France and Germany, are against the use in general but the rest of Europe are less equivocal in their opinions.

One article observes: "Eight European leaders have backed a possible US-led attack on Iraq, signaling a split between member states only three days after the 15 reached a common position on the issue. The declaration, initiated by José-Mara Aznar the Spanish premier, and signed by seven other leaders representing the UK, Italy, Portugal, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Denmark, urges Europeans to unite with the US to force Iraqi president Saddam Hussein to give up his weapons of mass destruction."

Meanwhile, it appears that France and Germany are scheming to control Europe—throughout the EU. Britain has more than a few things to say: "The UK premier, however, did not fully endorse the Franco-German paper on institutional architecture in a future EU. The two countries' proposals include plans for two presidents of the EU - the president of the Commission and one of the European Council, who would represent the EU internationally. The Independent writes that Mr Blair could countenance a Commission president elected by the European Parliament but wants to ensure that someone who does not have widespread support is not chosen. Instead he wants a Commission president to enjoy 80% backing of MEPs and for the appointment to be ratified by the 15 EU heads of state."