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Sunday, October 13, 2002
Let's not be too hasty to bash the D. Even though the Dartmouth is notorious for issuing left-of-center opinions on such hot topics as the Arab-Israeli conflict and race, we must remember that the college audience to which they cater is either progressive or slightly left-of-center. I, too, was once on the staff of America's oldest College newspaper and resigned over their policies that limit members of their staff from writing for other newspapers. However, at no time did the D engage in substantially rewriting my op/ed pieces; many of them are linked at the top of the page here. If one would take a minute to peruse them, one of which (The Local Gods) was given to the Office of Public Affairs and a visiting journalist from the New York Times, one could clearly see that my opinions are not left-of-center but are rather a center-right type of argument. We do know that some comic strips have been banned from the D, ostensibly for published in a rival newspaper, most likely for their political message but it would be a bit much to allege that the D engages in predatory practices to fit some agenda. That's giving them too much credit.

Just a Note: The Dartmouth Observer itself was formed in response to the D; we (ChienWen and I) felt that the format of the D was not conducive to true analysis. Some subjects required more than 800 words to discuss and the D was not the outlet for that.