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Tuesday, October 15, 2002
John Eisenman asks "Why does only one woman write for the Observer? Food for thought."

I find myself in an interesting state of mind. I haven't followed the Observer as much as I would like in recent weeks, mainly because of my classes. So, I haven't read that much of Mr. Eisenman's work, and haven't yet pigeonholed him into my political spectrum. So I can't quite figure how this food for thought should taste.

On one hand, perhaps he is accusing the Observer of alienating women, either by its political leanings or its debate style. Or perhaps he wants to suggest that the Observer really provides an excellent forum for women to discuss the issues of our years, and we should try to attract more woman writers.

Or, quite possibly, he writes in the context of some ongoing Observer debate that I've missed. In that case, my yammering about what he could mean merely distract from the debate.

So, can I have a hint? Is this a rotten tomato or a tasty burger?