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Saturday, October 12, 2002
I'd like to draw your attention to the following notice, which some of you may have seen posted on walls and bulletin boards around the College (thanks to Dartlog for the link). The gist of it is: an '06 wrote an article on Jim Wright's refusal to sign the "Tolerance Petition" for "intimidation-free college campuses." According to her, The D completely re-wrote it without ever consulting her. Moreover, they skewed the information and misquoted the people she interviewed. When she protested, The D fired her.

More information is necessary before extensive commentary is possible: I'd like to read her original article that got skewed. I also expect a response from the editors of America's oldest college newspaper - and it had better be a good one, because the charges she levels are pretty serious.

However, some things can already be said. This is by no means the first time The D has become a news item: The Dartmouth Review emerged because of a quarrel over the editorial policies of The D [read about it here]. And of course, we all have personal gripes with The D. For instance, read through this article on a lecture delivered here over the summer. Notice how the professor's name changes from "Manzotta" to "Manzetta" midway through the article? His actual name is Mazzotta, by the way. I can find no excuse for such errors.