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Saturday, October 12, 2002
The Daily D

The Dartmouth, the official newspaper funded and housed by the College, in the interest of objectivity forbids its writers to contribute to other publications on campus, and yet in the space of one day, September 27, its editorial board pontificated, "The ongoing debate over war with Iraq has not been a debate at all. In the absence of such discussion, the country must halt its current path toward a military campaign against Saddam Hussein," and "College President James Wright emphasized racial awareness in his speech at Tuesday's annual convocation. In recent years, such a speech might have rung hollow by touting diversity for diversity's sake. This year, however, Wright avoided this cliché, tackling the matter in a more substantive way." As far as I know, the leadership of the newspaper made no effort then to consult its staff, a member of which I considered myself at the time, before publishing such politically contentious opinions. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that this editorial board now would tailor the words of a member of its staff to fit an academic leftist agenda.