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Thursday, September 12, 2002
Robert Novack wrote a great op/ed (in the Washington Post I beleive) the other day about the difference between democracies and barbarians. He said that barbarians resort to force to persuade their opponents of their arguments whereas democracy places a high value of pulbic deliberation-- the rational presentation of a case and its facts. He also said that 9/11 showed us just how shallow our cultural and value relativism was when true evil was not a matter of preference, but of matters of life-- and death.

How intriguing that he would take about the civilised and the barbarous the day the pro-PLO demonstrators in Canada attacked the building where Netanyahu was going to give a speech. I am no fan of Bibi's but at least he is pro-Israel and not on the left. Moreover, he is generally a good speaker and sometimes has something useful to say. The pro-Palestinians, just like the people they were defending, were not able to argue with him so they turned to what they, and their patron saints, are good at: terrorism and brute force to end the argument.

However, we cannot blame Canada for this alone. Another group of thugs used force to settle and argument: the radical Black students under Amri Barksdale here at College.

"Freedom of speech is not our issue with The Dartmouth Review...They are not within their rights nor freedoms in printing what they do. The Constitution is interpreted to mean that the way one chooses to exercise one's freedom cannot interfere with another's freedom...In light of this perplexing problem, my associates and I decided we would exercise what power we had. Manpower." Funny the correlation between radical activist against the Dartmouth Review and for Arafat's tyranny, and expoltation, of the Palestinian people. They both support freedom of speech by using "manpower" (read: excessive force; forget excessive, just force) to settle and argument due to their barbarous state of nature, which prevents them from employing the tools of civilization: reason and discourse. Freedom of speech through force!