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Tuesday, September 10, 2002
Remember the 11th with George W. Bush

As I prepare with some trepidation to head off to work in the center of a giant bullseye tomorrow, it brings me no great pleasure to see that George W. Bush has written a letter in today's New York Times [LINK]. I've excerpted the last paragraph because to me it underlines, with no small bit of irony, the root of the criticism that I've been piling on this administration since it took office, September 11 aside.

Throughout history, freedom has been threatened by war and terror; it has been challenged by the clashing wills of powerful states and the designs of tyrants; and it has been tested by widespread poverty and disease. What has changed since Sept. 11 is our nation's appreciation of the urgency of these issues — and the new opportunities we have for progress. Today, humanity holds in its hands the opportunity to further freedom's triumph over all its age-old foes. The United States welcomes its responsibility to lead in this great mission.

WE AREN'T REALLY DOING ANYTHING. WE'VE BARELY MADE OUR OWN NATION MORE SECURE. If this man fails as a leader now, he isn't just hurting the economy or whatever other mundane First World luxury we take for granted on a daily basis. People can now die in their homes and workplaces, en masse, and I sure as hell don't feel good knowing I could be one of them. The letter is entitled "Securing Freedom's Triumph." A blustery, meaningless title, at the head of a blustery, meaningless letter. To hell with partisanship, people, open your eyes and see that this man is not up to the task of leading a country to do anything effective.