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Tuesday, September 17, 2002
No Spin Zone- First Year Editions of Various Publications

I encourage all to read the Freshman Issue of the Free Press. The layout is beautiful and some of the writers on this blog (Laura, Karsten, Tim Waligore) have contributed articles (opening letter and one about women, the year in review and proffessor page, the history of review, respectively) to the edition.

There is more of Katie Greenwood on the Greek system, and for the record, I find her style mesmerizing: not in the sense of good prose, but in the Ayn Rand style of repition and beating an idea into your head. Full frontal assualt on the Greek system. Of course, I was not able to write a piece for the 'schmen issue of the Dartmouth or the Free Press because I was writing op/eds for the summer. I encourage all of you to begin writing op/eds for the fall in advice to rebutt or strenghten the idea found in the Freshman Issue. Nor have I seen, or heard anything from the Dartmouth Review in terms of a Freshman Issue, which is very disappointing because when I was a 'schman one year ago, I had copies of all three newspapers in my hand to compare. This class will only hear the deafning voices of the left and the center-left.