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Tuesday, September 03, 2002
The Methamphetamine of the Masses

Karl Marx had it all wrong. Were religion an opiate, Tammy Faye Baker would long ago have succumbed to a sweet and peaceful sleep. Using her as the case in point, I posit religion to be something along the lines of speed.

That said, Laura wishes a debate on religion in the Observer, and there's nothing I enjoy quite as much (except when Bush's numbers fall, and I anticipate my own personal Herbal Essences commercial if Bob Smith loses his seat to Jeanne Shaheen). Without fanfare, I will out and say that I think religion should no longer have a seat in the public sphere vis-a-vis any government program, and stand willing to vociferously, and without doubt of my success, defend that stand. Rather than going on the offensive as regards this opinion, I welcome specific attacks directed at that stance with open arms so that I might save myself a lot of effort defending against attacks that may not come. Once more, dear friends, into the breach!