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Tuesday, September 10, 2002
Just a Question

1. We are willing to blame Western Civilization (more recently the United States) for the plundering of the Earth's natural resources, the malcontents of the Lesser-Developed World, the oppression of millions and general evil Imperialism.
2. We are willing to blame Soviet Communism for the economic and social disaster of the former Soviet Republics.
3. Is anyone on this blog willing to blame Middle-Eastern Islamic culture for the attack on the United States a year ago? Anthony? Vijay? Does anyone think them blameless?

I am probably willing to conceed that our culture teaches consumerism and spreads like a virus eating up others, would anyone disagree that the Islam of the Mid-East we've been exposed to teaches violence and hatred of all others who aren't Muslim? I am told that in 1942, thousands of American Japanese lined up out the streets to sign up for military service. Has there been any major movement by American Muslims to offer a reply, defence or statement other than "we didn't do it and Islam teaches peace"?