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Tuesday, September 03, 2002
It seems that I have much to reply to and I encourage others to step in as well. Because I am working again and because I have posted volumes of stuff over Labor Day, I shall temporarily retire to compose my replies to the following charges:
1. Religion functions as speed for the religionist.
2. Rationalism vs. Fundamentalism (known in seminaries as Fideism): Reconciling Two Freinds
3. Zionist don't have a leg (or a brain) to stand on.

Hopefully, I can demonstrate that one can be an Enlightenment liberal and religious. The two worldviews aren't mutally exclusive. Nor is religion a subjective drug that must be taken "on faith" without any proof as the followers of Ayn Rand charge and as Karsten and Laura suggested at Molly's. Zionism is a thinking-man's (as well as a religious man's) credo. If all goes well I will show that liberalism is merely Christianity without Christ( at least that how it started), there is no dichotomy of faith and reason, and every honest American should be a Zionist among other things. But the best part so far is: Laura call me a progressive and took the name conservative for herself. :) I would also like to hear Brent and Vijay's thoughts on today's new discussion topic.