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Tuesday, September 10, 2002
In response to Diversity

I responded to the WRC with these words:
"I would like to vote for visionary in residence in order of preference:
1. Mary Robinson
2.Amy Goodman
3. Ms. Shiva

Whatever you do, please do not invite Hilary Clinton. I have a feeling that like Ehud Barak, she will not offer much vision. Also for 2004, please consider either Caroline Hoxby of Harvard Economics, Catherine Mackinnon, Phylis Schafly, Shanta Driver, or Miranda Massie. I am sure that none of these women need introductions: Hoxby is during research on distribution of resources within education while focusing on methods to strengthen the education of blacks, Catherine Mackinnon and Phyllis Schafly have been on the forefront of social and political activism through legal studies (forces of nature, I might add); Shanta Driver and Miranda Massie have been heavily involved in the Grutter v. Bolinger affirmative action cases out in the sixth district. All of these women would add to the vision and caliber of Dartmouth Students."

I would also like to encourage my peers in this blog to have pen and paper ready in October for the pundits who will descend, like ravens on a carcass, onto the campus to engage in moralistic, poius hand-wringing against the white malovence and structures of power, which hold academia captive. Without ever naming names, the guilt-ridden administrators will lie postrate at the feet of the persecuted minorites, like Dr. West and Dr. Hu DuHart, and beg for some atonement as they recite the PC platitudes of the academic left: "Forgive me Father, for I am prejudiced; Forgive me Mother, for I am a sexist; Forgive me, gender-free entity, for I have not deconstructed enough socially construed stereotypes; Forgive me Son, for your sexism grows because of me; Forgive me daughter, the whole world is against you."

(And now a little punditry)
I must say that I agree with Chien's selection of visionaries (I would prefer to call them the cult of the least blind); only the order of the preference is misguided. I also would like to announce that we are working on a huge project for 2004 and I would like all of you, who are on, to stop by and discuss it with me when you return. I would like it even more if you were to help me formulate the project but I realize that we are very busy people. Let me assure you that this conservative progressive will show the campus what true poltical, social and civic activism is while ensuring diveristy and truth. No more jellyfish liberalism, with its spurious claims of truth on both sides; we will forsake the middle ground between right and wrong and move solidly in the direction of right.