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Thursday, September 19, 2002
I'm Sorry Mama

John, I was kidding, relax (concerning fishing for a nomination).

Concerning the UN:

1) We are members of the UN by a contract. If we ignore the UN, we are, in fact, "joining other nations in their lawlessness."

2) We are not "one Nation under God," despite the rhetoric that surfaced in the 1950s and, unfortunately, can't be shaken. We are, as the rhetoric that emerged in the 1860s, a nation "for the people, by the people, and of the people." As a republic, we entered into a treaty requiring us to adhere to regulations promulgated as the UN Charter. According to the paper we signed, we have given the UN "a legitimate monopoly of force," and left more than enough room for us to defend ourselves in the event of emergency.

3) There have been times in this nation's history where we have proven our "cruelty and inhumanity." I am not saying that, on the whole, we are not a "better" nation than someplace like Cambodia, but that by entering into the UN we have "leveled the playing field" with these other nations through a series of laws. These laws bind us, no matter what the other supposed adherents to the law do. To imply that we should ignore the rule of law that we birthed onto the world because others have is about as compelling an argument as if you cry to mommy that you peed on her prize rose bush just because the dog peed on it. Doesn't pass muster. Mama gonna test that ass.