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Monday, September 30, 2002
(I'm having trouble making web-links, so please bear with the parenthetics)

Watch Out!

The Middle East Forum (President: Daniel Pipes) recently started Campus Watch (, an online project dedicated to monitoring and exposing some of the left-wing lunacy found in Middle East Studies departments across the country, and in the Academy in general with respect to Middle East issues. The San Fransisco Chronicle is not very generous in its description of the new website ( Among other things, the Chronicle calls the website "McCarthyesque" and records Judith Butler (longtime friend of the Observer) as saying that this is a new "chilling impact on academic freedom."

So what exactly is going on at Campus Watch? Well, the latest story on their site is this one ( about the Second National Student Conference on the Palestine Solidarity Movement which will be held at the University of Michigan in October (you guys think the Race Matters conference coming to Dartmouth is bad?). As Campus Watch reports, "The goal of the conference is to prod universities and corporations to pull their money out of Israel." This ridiculous "divestment" movement borders on being anti-Semitic and Campus Watch is doing us a great service by reporting these events. It is time that someone exposed what is actually going on in America's Universities.