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Thursday, September 12, 2002
Did you know that most of the faculty dissented and boycotted the Ehud Barak lecture last Spring? They complained that given the crisis in the Middle East, Rocky should have brought someone from the Arab world to balance Barak's opinion. The question that no one asked, or even bother to consider is, where in the Arab world can you find a former Prime Minister? I think that Sadaam Hussein was prime minister of Iraq once...

However, on that note, Steve Chapman has a great piece about the Pakastani dictator who is "buidling democracy" through randomly, and whimsically, admending the constituion. Which intellectual lied to Musharraff and said that democracy was merely about voting? Except in Jimmy Carter's world, there is a liberal, that is respect for the individual, component of democracy also.

Question that I received from someone that I need help with: "Does the school (not just Dartmouth but any you are familiar with) attempt to strengthen the student's moral and ethical character? What is the attitude towards religion among students and staff? Are you happy with the education you are receiving?"