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Wednesday, September 04, 2002
Coming to you on The Observer, via the ABC News Political Unit, courtesy of The Manchester Union Leader

You all should read The Note, a posting of ABC News's Political Unit. Pretty fair and usually informative. That said, I picked this up from The Note today; it was printed in The Manchester Union Leader:

STATE REPUBLICAN PARTY chairman John Dowd has asked the Attorney General’s Office to investigate voter registration practices at Dartmouth College.

Dowd sent the office copies of two flyers yesterday that urge students to register to vote in the state so they can weigh in on the U.S. Senate contest.

One flyer states, “Register now in NH no matter what state you are from and even if you are off in the fall.” It does not mention the name of any candidate, Republican or Democrat, in the race. A second mentions Gov. Jeanne Shaheen by name.

Dowd termed the flyer “a blatant appeal to commit voter registration fraud . . . I ask you to investigate this apparent criminal conduct and the extent to which it has corrupted the elective process.”

Colin Van Ostern, campaign spokesman for Shaheen’s Senate race, said the campaign had nothing to do with the flyers.

“It’s not ours. I assume it was a Dartmouth student because it has a Dartmouth College e-mail contact on there,” he said.

State law allows college students register as voters if they decide to claim their campus town as their home. But they can lose some scholarships and other financial aid from their home states if they register to vote here.