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Monday, September 16, 2002
Brent asked why do the pundits and "experts" who supported the attack on Kosovo oppose the war on Iraq? The reason is actually rather simple: as far as the pre-war planning for Iraq has gone they allege that it would be a US only attack (Blair doesn't seem to count) whereas the Kosovo War was a US-led attack.

America is being lambasted for the same sin that Dr. Ron Edsforth mentioned in SSOC 1: Reganesque cowboy-diplomacy (the stuff that "war-crimes" are made of). Unfortunately, this has become an age of groupthink and groupact whereas the US was founded on going at it alone. Our founders gave the diplomatic finger to Britain and did what they thought was best. Last week some loopies were opining in the Washington Post and the NY Times about Kennedy compared to Bush. They suggested that former President Kennedy would have consulted with the UN and would not have dared to go in by himself. Clearly, these people either are talking about Robert Kenney, who never became president, or do not history. Bay of Pigs, anyone? Or maybe Profiles in Courage? (which probably should be retitled Profiles in Collaboration and Multilateralism to make appropriate for our history moment. Soon, however, Bush, having outsmarted the multilateralists, will invade Iraq through weapons inspectors over the objections of Kofi Annan, who has become a lot less important since Clinton left office. (I suggested as much last year on the World Affairs Council after Aly Rahim, the Chair, called me bloodthirsty for suggesting an attack on Iraq after Afghanistan.)

On another note, the representative of the Arab League, an exclusive dictator's club, suggested that all hell would be unleashed if the US attacked Iraq. Either he is suggesting that the Arab League is in league with the Devil or that the Arab world is surrounded by the gates of hell to prevent the demons of the Middle East from roaming the erstwhile Free world. To borrow from the same imagery that suggest that the US was a "city on hill", I suggest that the gates of hell will not prevail againt US.