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Sunday, September 15, 2002
Another Reason?

On of the benefits that we have in Canada is a freedom from very packaged US media. I was watching a CTV show called "Round Table." They were discussing Iraq, the US, our primeminister's comments (totally misconstrued as a blame on the US for September 11, something he DID NOT say), and US motivation for attacking Iraq. Many are worried about a vacuum that will be created with the overthrow of Saddam. As we know, the new government in Afghanistan controls little more than a couple of blocks outside the state capital, and it seems as though the US, without the UN, is utterly incapable of establishing a new regime (because we should definitely not let popular support for Saddam get in the way of "democracy"). One astute participant on the show asked whether the US does not in fact intent to destabilise the Middle East. After all, all this stability in the Arab world is allowing the majority of its population to go on hating the US and Israel, because we do know that though most Arab states support the US, the general population does not in any way. Any comments?